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This site that aims to educate anyone in just what a medical spa does. When we hear the term ‘spa’, we like to imagine the scene of someone getting pampered and preened in a room with robes on and cucumber slices over the eyes, and maybe a cheeky glass of bubbly on the side too. This isn’t so much the case in a medical spa.

What a medical spa aims to do is provide the body with long term results that a regular spa never can, and in a relaxed environment that is removed what you would get in a regular cosmetic surgery or private hospital. There are medical spas all over the country, from Edinburgh to London, and covers treatments for the whole body: everything from laser hair removal to skin peels to laser lipo.

The demand for treatments that these medical spas provide is always on the rise, but many people don’t quite know what type of treatments fall under this unique umbrella term. That is where this site comes in handy. Think of us as a brief and insightful guide in to what different treatments you can get at clinics like this and what the most popular treatments in the UK are.

We’ll give you information on some of the most popular treatments medical spas provide, how they work and what makes them different from regular treatments.

Dermal Fillers

Face masks. They’re the bread and butter of any spa. But what good does it do if you feel the need to get one every time you...

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Skin Peels

Medical Spas are always a great place to go if you’re in need of giving the skin around the face a new lease of life...

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Trying to find a treatment that can take inches off the waist and stomach without having to get the scalpel out can be hard to come by...

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Trust medical spas?

Going to a medical spa for the first time shouldn’t be met with wariness, but a positive level of caution...

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