Body Contouring

Ask anyone to name a fat reduction technique and chances are they could give you at least off the top of their heads. From body wraps to cling film treatments, powerplates to slimming belts and a whole host of tablets and shakes, everyone knows and has to some extent experimented with ways to lose weight in the hopes that it will be permanent. For the last few years, one treatment has risen to prominence in many medical spas across the country and is now seen as a fool proof method for getting rid of tummy fat and making sure it doesn’t come back: body contouring.

So what is body contouring?

The name says it all. It’s a treatment where parts of the body that are fatty or depleted are given a new lease of life by simply contouring around the upper layers of tissue where collagen and fat meet together. Under the skin is where these two trouble makers have been making sure your body has a hard time staying firm and in shape.

How does body contouring work?

Put your hands together and give them a quick rub. Feel that slight rise in heat? That’s what friction causes. Body contouring works like this on a basic level, but in a very unique way. Fat sticks to tissue and makes skin feel saggy because it takes up space that collagen should be clinging on to. Collagen is like an elastic band. Pull it and it tightens up. If you were to fake a smile now, the skin around the muscles you’re moving would also feel a little bit tighter. That’s the collagen working. In tissue that doesn’t seem to budge or get skinnier, collagen doesn’t have the chance to do its job properly as fat is in the way. That stops through the process of contouring.

What does it involve?

Now this part sounds a little bit scary, but isn’t at all. It involves a method wherein radiowaves penetrate through the skin to a very thin probe inserted underneath. Think of a needle. Now think of an even thinner needle. This very thing needle is just a little bit warmer than the tissue already under your skin. When the radiowaves hit the fat and collagen underneath they do two things: get the fat to break apart, and get the collagen to firm up. That fat which is getting budged needs somewhere to go and the needle delicately extracts it. The collagen then responds to the radiowaves and seeks out that space which the fat once inhabited. What you’re left with is a tighter tummy with smoother skin. This treatment helps with the improved natural process of the body's lymphatic system, an area which is delicate and helps drain the lymph in our bodies through the blood. (This is also the area that causes non-hodgkins lymphoma, the 6th most common cancer in the country according to Cancer Research UK.

What makes is different?

It’s different in two very big ways from traditional treatments. The collagen aspect replaces the need for Botox, so no more injecting chemicals in to the body. The fat aspect means that instead of liposuction essentially creating a void under the skin, the radiowaves make sure tissue bands together and create a greater level of firmness.

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