Dermal Fillers

Face masks. They’re the bread and butter of any spa. But what good does it do if you feel the need to get one every time you visit and don’t feel like it makes much of a permanent different on your skin. Are there any ways of making sure your skin feels youthful without having to get Botox? Well yes. There is one treatment that does the same job, but uses something quite unique. It’s known as dermal fillers and it’s an exciting gel.

So what are dermal fillers?

It’s acid! But a good acid. You might think that anything ending in acid is good, but we’ve all taken folic acid before and that doesn’t do any harm. Hyaluronic acid, or at least a very carefully modified version of it makes up the key component of this wonder gel. Because it’s a gel, it helps get in between the smallest parts of the cracks between layers much better than a regular injection.

How do they work?

Think of brushing your teeth with just water, then brushing with a gel (what toothpaste is). The gel will always do a better job of getting in between and improving than simply water would. That’s how dermal fillers work. The injection gets right in the area in need of help and instantly forces that skin to buck up its idea and get back to where it should be.

What does it involve?

The process involves someone being given a quick injection on the desired area. The gel gets right in there and smoothes out the skin straight away. Because it’s an injection of course, the skin around the area goes a little bit red as expected. To combat this redness if someone gets its, ointment is rubbed on the skin to cool it down in much the same manner you would with a cooling gel after pulling a muscle.

What makes it different?

Unlike Botox or other injections, the level of risk is extremely low. Because it gets to work instantly, if there was any reaction that would be seen as out of the ordinary, the dermal fillers can instantly be reversed with a quick administration of hyalase (it’s an enzyme commonly used in medicine to stop the effects of hyaluronic acid). Results from the treatment can last for up to year in the majority of cases and don’t require any check-ups in the intervening period.

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