Laser Hair Removal

Going to a spa can at times be more painful than you’d imagine, especially if it involves getting hair waxed off. Spending a lifetime faced with getting waxes or using a hairdryer to melt wax strips at home needn’t be a problem when there’s a more permanent solution on the horizon at any medical spa. Laser hair removal is something that isn’t as daunting as it can possibly sound and yields results that would have anyone throwing anything wax related from the bathroom in the trash in no time at all.

So what is laser hair removal?

The title says it all really. It is the removal of body hair using just a laser. It can be used practically anywhere in the body and puts a permanent end to hair in those places you don’t want there to be hair.

How does it work?

Think about when you shave or wax your body. When you pull/trim out that hair, the follicle in the skin is still there and will continue to keep growing time and time again. What laser removal does is get rid of the follicle by heating to the point of no return. No hair follicle = no more hair. It’s as simple as that.

What does it involves?

The treatment involves pointing a laser, usually the size of the ballpoint pen, at the desired area. The laser penetrates inside the follicle and heats it up to a point where the follicle simply goes ‘I’m done’ and breaks apart from its home. Hit the same area with a laser a few times and it’s a sure-fire way of making sure the hair will never have the chance of growing back again.

What makes it different?

Unlike shaving, epilating or waxing, this treatment gets rid of the follicle once and for all with a promise that it will never come back again. It also means you won’t have to suffer the problems of irritable skin every time you get rid and unwanted hair and leaves the skin feeling smoother than it has in a long time.

Another benefit to laser hair removal, especially around the arm pit is that it makes self checks for things like breast cancer a lot easier. Spots, lumps and bumps can be quite common in hairy areas but this will help during self examination to determine any developments or lumps. Breast Cancer examinations should cover the full breast area, armpits and collarbone.

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