Can you trust medical spas?

Going to a medical spa for the first time shouldn’t be met with wariness, but a positive level of caution. You want the need to feel like any treatment you’ll be getting will be carried out in a safe and welcoming environment. If you’re unsure of what to look out for when you visit a medical spa, just follow some of these ideas.

Check credentials

It won’t be you doing the treatment yourself, so get to know whoever will be. Don’t be afraid to ask about their qualifications and how often they’ve performed what you’re going to be doing. Many medical spas are unlike regular spas in that the people working there are more than qualified to be doing their jobs. One of the reasons why people see and read horror stories of cosmetic work in magazines and papers is because a person went somewhere with staff that weren’t probably qualified to fulfil the duties in their job title. Always check out who you’ll be dealing with.

Ask questions, and ask again

The worst thing anyone could do is walk in to a clinic, ask one question, agree and then go through with the treatment without known every major detail associated with it. One of the big fears people have going through treatment is the ‘unknown’ , as in not knowing exactly what that treatment involves, how long it will take, what any side effects are and how long it will take to appear normal again. All these big fears can be erased simply by asking.

Are they certified?

One way of putting the mind at rest is to simply check if the company is certified. Using a site like the Care Quality Commission ( you can check if any medical spa is completely above board in all their operations and meets the right standards. Doctors and nurses working in medical spas will never fear embarrassed or angry if you ask either. They worked hard to get to where they are today and want to highlight that fact.

Look for examples

If the clinic you’re going to be in doesn’t have examples of before and after pictures, then it should ring a little alarm bell. Ask for photographic evidence of what the treatment looks like before and after from the person who will be carrying it out and you’ll not only be able to see first-hand what the difference is, but also know that the person treating you will do a good job.

It has to be convenient

Yes, the medical spa is providing you with the treatment, but it’s at your own convenience. Don’t feel comfortable with how you’re being treated? Then simply get treatment carried out elsewhere. The worst thing you can do is go out of spite and consider what is about to be done as a negative action. It could affect body confidence in the short and long term.

Finding the Right Spa

From your initial consultation you should get an idea about the spa and any research you choose to do should help to put your mind at ease. The right setting is crucial to a successful spa treatment because if you don't feel right will you ever be happy with the treatment? The setting and atmosphere are crucial from the reception area to the temperature. Visit to get a better idea of the best and most stylish heating solutions and you will see what a difference it can make. All of these things go to make a difference in your overall experience.

Should I Visit a Spa for Medical Issues?

While a skincare or medical spa can be a good option for dealing with some skin problems, actual medical conditions should be left to the professionals. This means that you should seek treatment and guidance from medical organisations that employ qualified doctors and specialists, like London Urology Associates. This will ensure you are getting the genuine medical attention you may need to deal with more complex or serious medical conditions.

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