Trying to find a treatment that can take inches off the waist and stomach without having to get the scalpel out can be hard to come by. Finding a treatment that takes inches off the waist and stomach and requires you to feel nothing but a warm sensation isn’t though. Velashape is a treatment not widely known right now, but will certainly be one that many medical spas will soon be offering. It tackles cellulite in a very unique way and ensures that skin can look much better through a virtually pain-free method with almost no downtime.

So what exactly is Velashape?

‘Vela’ means the soft area under the skin. There are parts of the body of course where ‘vela’ style tissue is on show, such as the roof of your mouth. This is basically what the tissue just under the top layers of skin feels like.

How does it work?

Think of the roof of your mouth or tongue when you burn it. It will feel a little bit like you have a blister for a while, but soon enough it calms down and the area feels quite smooth. This is an analogy for the way Velashape works. Using infrared and radiowave technology simultaneously, pulses are administered over the area in need of treatment in order to give the deeper layers of tissue a bit of a one-two punch. The combination of both types of waves cause fatty layers under the skin to heat up. Fat can’t handle heat that well. It causes it to break apart.

What does it involve?

On your end it involves nothing more than you lying down. The treatment is non-invasive i.e. you’re not going to have any part of the body cut open. A Velashape will simply pull up the skin (like the palm of your hand over a vacuum cleaner nozzle) a bit at a time and pulse the area. That pulse delivers heat under the first few layers of the skin and reduces the size of fat cells. Because the heat causes the fat to break down to such a small degree, it won’t stick about or need some sort of manual removal. It simply makes its way out of the body naturally.

What makes it different?

The main difference between Velashape and many other radiowave treatments it that it is completely non-invasive. And unlike other types of reductive treatment, it works in a circumferential way. Nobody’s body is completely flat. Its round in every area. This treatment work with the shape, rather than against it, to produce a change that won’t stand out so much as blend in. It also makes sure that the skin’s texture won’t be massively affected by change either.

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